Monday, July 31, 2006

I gotta be free

I know those crocs are all the rage, but I just can't buy a pair. They do fall into the range of so ugly, they're cute, but for some reason they remind me of the foot version of being stuck in an elevator. These women seem to know something I don't, so eventually I'm going to give them a try. But not yet. Maybe I'll get a nice olive green or orange pair for fall.

Pictured is the way I prefer to shod myself until it's too cold to do otherwise. Don't look too close, though. I'm in desperate need of a pedicure. And some weed killer. Yikes.

On to other news. I am officially signed up for college, but I am sad. I have a ton of credits but only about 18 of them will transfer in my quest for a bachelors degree. I keep telling myself that no learning is wasted, but I wish I knew then what I know now. I will also, most likely, be the oldest student there, which is scary. Hopefully, it will mean I will be the one with the best grades. At least I know my kids can help me with my homework! :)

For now, I am off to enjoy the rest of my summer with my feet as bare as they can be. School and boots are just around the corner.


shanna said...

Whoa. cool about returning to school! What degree are you aiming for?

I returned to school for a teaching certificate long after I should have been settled into a first career. And yes, I was the oldest student in the classroom. This made it awkward for discussions with my classmates, but the profs and I had some good laughs!
Oh, and I DO understand the fustration about transferring credits: even with a degree, I still had to complete something like 60hrs before I could sit for my certification testing! And don't get me started about those tests...

Er, uh...this isn't a very encouraging comment post, is it?

So...rock on!! You've already got the fabu messenger bag, so all you need now is a seriously hip coat for wintery cross campus treks--and you're set!

Amy A. said...

I'm thinking English or Literature, or Reading or Library Sciences if I want a masters, or creative writing if I show in talent in that area, or graphic design, or... I guess I'm undecided! HA! I'd like to teach GED classes or community college, but not kids. Fortunately, I don't have to decide for awhile. Right now I just have to get those general eds out of the way.

Good to know you went through it and made it, so your post was encouraging!

bobbie said...

cool about school!!

croc thongs are really not that ugly and still very comfortable!!

shanna said...

The pieced square: I'll post the measurements in the comments on that blog entry tomorrow sometime.

I'm just crazy. Got started on a long overdue quilt top for Tesla today. I think it's the heat. I can't write during the day, and I'm too pooped at night to do anything more strenuous than blog. All that, and back-to- school fever has hit pretty hard here: everytime my girl sees the word 'school' or a yellow bus passes by, she says, "Let's go to school!" She's four, for goodness' sake! Geesh!

Sarah Louise said...

Kewl about school!!!