Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Our family has discovered a quick and spirited game that all ages can play. PIT! It is a shouting, trading, cornering your market game. Everyone gets nine cards and the object is to trade with other players in order to get all the same cards, thus "cornering your market". The non-readers can match pictures and our little non-reader has won her share of hands, so it is really fair for everyone to play. It's a hoot! People are calling out, three, three who wants three... there are no turns, and you get to slam a bell when you win. Love it!

Yahtzee is another game we can all play, except for the math part.

I also love to challenge the kids to a good, old-fashioned game of Ms. Pac-Man. I am a child of the 80's and I can kick hiney with the arcade games. They won't even accept my challenge to play Galaga anymore!

Bounce Out is a stupid yahoo game, yet I am compelled to play it. I hate it. I love it.

The object is to put same colored marbles together in groups of three before the stick of dynamite, which is the timer, makes all the marbles shake and quiver and give you a nervous break down. It's a nail biter, I tell ya.

There is also a panic button if you get stuck. What kind of game offers a panic button?

This game is an incredible time waster. If you are say, trying to write a book, need to make dinner, have laundry to do... I suggest you DO NOT click on the above link.

Yahoo does have a great game called Text Twist. A word unscramble game. We will all stand behind the computer and call out words before the timer runs out. If you get the seven letter word, you get to move on to the next level. Very fun.

Anyone have any games they want to share?


shanna said...

You started a very bad thing at our house with that marble game.

Shame on you.

Amy A. said...

I TOLD YOU not to click if you were working on a book! I said that especially for you. I am LAUGHING!!! :)

shanna said...

Yeah. You got me. ;-)

Sarah Louise said...

Freecell. I had to take it out of my computer b/c I was SO VERY ADDICTED. I'm serious. Bookworm, ditto. But I'm in recovery now and able to play every once in a while. Besides Yahoo! FreeCell is much better than the kind that came with my computer. Text twist...it's been years, but I think it's time for a try.

Granny J said...

Pit, yet!!! Believe it or not, I recall my Mom, Pop, Uncles, Aunts & Grandparents playing this game at the ranch back in the late 30s. I'm amazed that it's still around. Is it still based on the commodity market in Chicago?