Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Hot Beverage Makers

Blackbird asks that we show our coffee makers for show and tell Thursday. I have never made coffee in my own home so I don't own one, but I do like to drink the fancy coffees at the coffee shop or have it in other people's homes.

The best thing I can come up with is my trusty silver kettle. I do drink tea and hot chocolate at home so this is what I use. It sounds like a train coming through the kitchen when the water is ready.

My other hot beverage maker is a Mrs. Tea. The feminine version of Mr. Coffee. I cannot find the tea pot that goes to her any more. It never really got the water hot enough to make a good cup so she has been retired to the top cupboard with the K9 Advantix and the Heartgard plus that we give to the dogs. I guess I should get rid of her, but my hubby gave it to me as a gift and it is kind of neat to have around when I need to keep a whole pot of tea warm, but I never make the tea in it. I guess it's kind of pointless if I can't even find the pot, though.
So, there is my pathetic attempt to participate in show and tell. Hopefully next time I will have something more exciting to knock your socks off.


blackbird said...

This is not pathetic at all... now stop that.
Also? I'll bet you can get a new pot for Mrs. Tea - do a google search!

Sarah Louise said...

Tea Kettle--why didn't I think of that? Yours is very nice.

Pathetic? No way. You should have seen some of my early entries. The point is to play, not to win or lose. Participation is the main point at S&T.

Amy A. said...

You guys are nice! After I posted this, I thought I should have gone down to my coffee shop and snapped a pic of my cutie barista. Oh well.

Now, I will stop with the self-degradation and just have fun. I love show and tell! I really wasn't complaining about myself, just my lack of kitchen accessories.

shanna said...

My tea kettle was my grandmother's old Revere Ware model that doesn't whistle; it just boils dry while I'm off doing whatever it is that's terribly important. Thought I'd killed a couple of times. I hadn't, but it does have a lovely blackened bottom now.

...relatively random thought: my first blog entry (on this new blog) was about how I'd cracked our crockpot and really DID kill it. (This is an appliance crisis in late winter, doncha know.) I really don't see any better way for women to bond that by talking about their small appliances...even the humble manual can opener! Women who don't use small appliances aren't women, and don't count.

wilsonian said...

Love your kettle! Nothing like beautiful stainless.