Saturday, July 15, 2006

Free Books

While blog reading this week, someone asked why do you blog? what got you started? and why continue?

My blog is fairly new, so it was easy for me to answer. Two words: Free books!

I have been reading blogs for a couple of years, but never felt the need for my own. My life, while fabulous in its own way, is not the kind the average joe wants to read about.

Then, Brenda Coulter offered a free book to anyone who would read and post about it, good or bad, on their blog. Of course, my eyebrows go up and my blood starts pumping. Two of my favorite words coming together in one beautiful sentence. But, alas, I had no blog to post on. So I whipped one up, (which is not hard since blogger has done all the work) wrote to Brenda that I agreed to her terms and got my book. Then, I won her other book on her blog in some sort of contest, too.

This month, I won a contest from Deeanne Gist. Her first book, A Bride Most Begrudging, is a great historical romance that I loved, loved, loved. Others must agree with me, because she just won a Christy Award for best romance from the CBA. The book I won is called Measure of a Lady, and I am saving it for vacation. This was the easiest contest I have ever entered. I had to guess what she named her dog. I guessed wrong, but must have ended up in the hat anyway. I am very much looking forward to reading this and anything else that Deeanne writes.

Today at Lisa Samson's blog, she let everyone know that her publisher is sending books to bloggers who will comment about the book. Lisa's is the first blog I ever discovered because I loved her books so much. I also liked that I read her early historical novels, which were nice, but then she started writing books with some punch that got me to think. You know how sometimes you read something from an author and it's good, and then the next book is good, too, and then the same with the next? And then you just stop reading that author anymore? With Lisa, the books get better and better. (She is also a Christy Award winner) I can see her improvement and it makes me want to cheer her on and try to be like her. Don't misunderstand, she was never a bad writer, I just see that she is a hard worker and it shows. If you haven't already, put her blog in your favorites. She is great for aspiring writers, like myself, and you will learn a lot. Straight Up is her newest book that releases mid-September.

So, four free books in the four or five months that I've been blogging isn't bad! And it's not bad for the authors either. They get publicity and you know I'm going out to buy their other stuff. Not to mention the fact that I am very glad to have my own blog. That I have a place to tell the little stuff that happens to me to strangers that might find it interesting. What a wonderful place to be!


wilsonian said...

Lisa is fabulous, isn't she.
I've just emailed you, but wanted you to know that I'm happy to have found your blog too :)

shanna said...

Ok. I'm not sure if my blog response got sent to internet pugatory, so here's my reply again:

No ice cream!! Now that's just wrong. Still, if it were outdoors (which is the whole point of a social, ahem) I would totally understand. Who wants to feel nauseaous and faint while we shoo flies from our butter-brickle supreme?

Onto the machine: Depending on the make of your machine, you could have either a slipped belt or gear problems of some sort. I'd take it in to a reliable shop and have them give you an estimate. If the machine is otherwise a good friend, it could be worth the money. Every machine needs a tune-up now and then, and if it's an oldie but goodie, you might as well suck up the repair charge: the affordable machines break down too often, and the unaffordable machines...well, let's not go there because it'll make me cry.

Then again, you could scout the garage sales and paper for a nice used Bernina or Pfaff...but then you'd have to get out in the heat! hee hee


The Daring One said...

You have scored more books blogging than I have. What's up with that? I need to work harder. Let me know when you're gonna be up here. I'd love to meet up somewhere.

Amy A. said...

I do believe this is the most comments I've ever had.

Everybody click on Wilsonian and see her cool stuff. I'm gonna side bar her soon.

Shanna, thanks for the machine tips. I'll send it in tomorrow. We have wind today so the heat feels less terrible, too!

DYM- I'll email you when we get in town to see if we can work something out. We see the Mariners on the 9th - Family Night with hotdogs! Woohoo.

ragamuffin diva said...

Hey babe!

Send me your addy, Amy, at I'll see to it that you get a copy of my book, too.

Great blog. Keep at it.

Amy A. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mair! You are sweet.