Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Look what I bought

Isn't it the cutest? Go to Biscotti Togs to see the amazing bags that Wilsonian makes. She uses vintage fabrics and every bag gets a story written about it. There are some really cute little totes and bags that you can take to nice places. She has an etsy store. Go to her blog to get to her shop. And you will not believe the great prices for hand crafted work. I don't think I will buy a store bag again. This one kind of reminds me of the bag Kirsten Dunst uses in the movie Elizabethtown.

There is a whole world out there of people making the things we need (want). I love that by buying this bag I am encouraging someone in their creativity. I'm even going to try something crafty myself. I'm getting my sewing machine tuned as we speak.

Another friend told me about the wardrobe refashion blog. Women who have made a two month committment to not buy anything new, but to refashion their own things into creative expressions of their own style. I am a member by default. I haven't bought anything new for awhile, (not counting my bag) but I have not done anything fun with the stuff I own. Look for the post where a girl turned a Dwight Yoakam concert T-shirt into a pair of capri pants. Super Cute!

Okay, that's all my good finds for now. Please go check these great sites out!


wilsonian said...

Love that wardrobe refashion blog! I could certainly qualify for the pledge.

When you finally receive your bag... how about a picture of it in its new home? :)

Amy A. said...

I will definitely show off my new bag! And brag about how it was custom made just for me!