Thursday, June 05, 2008

the meme

I'm thinking these are my favorite shoes of the moment. They're okay. They go with a lot of skirts. They are good for work because they don't make that flip flop sound.

My laundry pile, which is totally AWESOME right now. My mother in law is here and she is doing all of the laundry. It's amazing. She IS the laundry fairy.

What my kids are doing. At 11:45 they were still in jammies laying on the couch. I love summer.

My fridge.

That big blue bowl is filled with the yummiest potato salad ever. Courtesy of the M-I-L.

Okay, I guess that concludes the meme. Make sure you leave a note if you decide to do it, too. I'll come see!
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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That was fun!

I want your Mother-in-law. Mine is more of the Southern-belle hothouse-flower variety. I can't imagine her EVER doing my laundry. She won't even feed you when you are a guest at HER house!

Dani said...

May I borrow the Laundry Fairy MIL, please? I can't even DO this meme until I do about 45 loads of laundry!

(OMG... my word verification was 9 letters long and I totally failed!)

blackbird said...

I heart kids in jammies.