Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blowing in the wind

Yesterday, as I was riding my bike uphill, a little piece of paper blew across the street.

The paper seemed familiar, so I stopped to see what it was.

It was a five dollar bill! Mine, all mine!

I spent it on Chinese take-out just a little bit ago.

I do wonder who lost it. I hope it wasn't a little kid who wanted to come spend it all at my lovely little swimming pool snack bar. In order to keep myself from feeling guilty about it, I'm thinking that it came from someone who could afford to lose it. Or a mean person. :P

Anything good and unexpected happen to you lately?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a happy surprise! Chinese--you have excellent taste.
I'd call it a gift from the heavens:)

Sue said...

ice cream!
Once, my husband found a $100 bill lying on the street. We bought a goat with it. Seriously. That was unexpected!

Mr.Brian said...

Hey I think it was my $5.
Well maybe not.
Chinese sounds good about now.

Shanna said...

The baker quit at the coffee shop and my friend got news that she had once dated a Certifiable Turd. Both unexpected, but neither very good.

Nothing unexpectedly wonderful this week, but then sometimes random goodness is secretly in process... I just think about it that way.

blackbird said...

A lovely reader sent me a gift for good luck - unexpected and generous!