Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is me with my yearly henna tatto. Before the goop flecks off and leaves a nice brownish design. Last year I got a cute little flower.

Next year, who knows!

I am not a person who would ever decide to get a real tattoo. I think I would change my mind about what I liked. I do think it's cool when someone has a tattoo that is personal and meaningful and is about who they really are. But I also don't have my ears pierced. There's just something about doing a permanent thing to my body that doesn't sit right with me. I do admire other people's body art, though.

I'm sticking with the henna and clip ons.

Here are some other reasons I won't get a tattoo.
Does this mean something? Does it mean what she thinks it means? I hope it means, I'm a beautiful, smart, important person. If I had a word, it would have to be in a language I speak.
Too faded. Do you think she's trying to remove it, or do they just fade over time?
I like the little blue butterfly, but this is just too big. For me. She may love it. I didn't ask. I was sneaky with the camera.

My grandpa had a naked lady on his arm from when he was in the service. My grandma finally had him cover it over with a big red rose. I really liked it, but when you looked just right, you could see where there was still a little bit of, um, bosom, showing. Cracks me up.

I have three girlfriends who all got a small design on their hips when one of them moved away. A remembrance. I did like that, but if I had been there, I probably would have said no.

What about you? Are you yea or nay? I'm no for me, but yes for you if you want to do it. If you have one, I'd like to see it.
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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

No. Tattoos are tacky--and on anyone over 35 it just SCREAMS "I'm trying to be relevant!" If you've tattooed before 35, you're exempt in my book. I have strong opinions on this subject as you can see;) Someday the beaches will be full of stretched out and faded inkspots on middle-aged flabby skin. Yikes!

wilsonian said...

:) This middle-aged chick is planning to get one. A reminder for me. I want the word 'Beloved' tattooed on my right forearm in a pretty, scrolly script. I want the reminder that I am beloved of God, and that every person I extend my hands to is beloved too.

Yes, it's sad I need such a tangible reminder, but there it is.

Sue said...

no tatoos for me...EVER! As popeye reminds me "I yam what I yam" Don't need no tatoos to prove, be, show, Anything! Not even a hidden one. There you have it.

Sarah Louise said...

still undecided. My sister has a bunch. A woman at church has a bunch that are really tasteful.

Chris said...

Not for me. I have thought about doing something that would symbolize my kids somehow but I can't figure anything out and I have too many kids for thier birthdays. So, not for me.

Shanna said...

No tats for me. My skin is too delicate. Otherwise my 35+ self might consider one.

On the other hand, I share green girl's unpleasant vision of millions of faded, flabby tattoos on middle-aged Gen Y-ers. Yikes, indeed.