Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another locks of love

All three of my girls have now donated their hair to the Locks of Love program.

It's always a special day when we get the ruler out and find that there is enough there to cut. This little one was very excited to be free of the tangles and snarls that she is often plagued with. She would have cut it long ago, but wanted to participate in the Locks of Love program, like her big sisters.

I'm so proud.
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alice c said...

Congratulations - what a wonderful gift. And a pretty neat bob too!

What beautiful hair your girls have - lucky them.

Sue said...

What an awesome thing for your girls to do! Did she do that today?

Melissa said...

I'd be proud, too! Congrats to you and to them for such generosity.

blackbird said...


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We did that a few months ago and I was SO VERY GLAD when the long hair was gone. No more tangles or arguing with my daughter about braiding her hair.

Shanna said...

Yea! We had four teachers--one of them male--who donated. They volunteers to get the "whack" in the commons area during lunchtime so the kids could see. Nice.