Saturday, April 26, 2008

See what's playing in theater #5?

Yup! The movie finally got a premeire date. We had a premiere party.

Oh my Goodness! The excitement is just too much to contain.

I have photos up on facebook under Dave's 16th. I think you can go visit it without being a true facebooker. There is also a blog, but I haven't updated that yet.

This film was shot the summer before last, but couldn't be edited for almost a year while my husband worked on another project. So it feels like it's been a really long journey from way back then to now. But it feels really good.

Now we will try to get it out to festivals and do some marketing and try to get distribution. But it feels really good to finally get it out there and have people watch it.

I'm so proud of the hubby. He did good.

Dave was played by Tim Sprigg
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wilsonian said...

I should just stick to writing 'Congratulations', but should probably also confess to a little bit of coveting of your cute husband ;)

Amy A. said...


The cutie in the post was the lead actor in the movie. Since I'm old enough to be his mom, I should say I'm flattered at the misconception. My hubby is cute, too, though!

wilsonian said...

Nice :)

Melissa said...