Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can't even think of a title

It's been soccer, soccer, rehearsal, soccer, more rehearsal, hubby busy, busy, busy with movie stuff, more soccer, more rehearsal, work...

Sometimes when too much is happening, I can't think of what to write in my little blog spot.

Oh, I know!! I have a new favorite salad dressing. I will share:

2 TBS red wine vinegar
1/2 C olive oil
a squeeze of honey
2 tsp. chipotle seasoning
garlic powder
salt and pepper.

Blend it or whisk it all together. Let it sit for awhile. Shake it back up before using.

Now make a lettuce/spinach salad and on top place black beans, sweet red pepper, corn and scallions. Shredded chicken if you have it. Drizzle the yummy dressing on top. It is De-Lish!!

This one might take over my taco salad obsession.

Today: Put in a load of laundry, got kids in the car, yelled at them a little, then apologized to them, sent them into their schools. Took a walk. Checked email and blogs.

Now I will shower, do lots of laundry, pick up bedrooms, vacuum, mop and do lots of house stuff since I am not working today! Wish me luck.


Melissa said...

Days off are so much work sometimes.

*carrie* said...


I was at the library this morning (had a nice chat w/ Becky) and saw the poster for the new movie. How exciting--hope to see it!