Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I need a quiet day

I can feel the need for a day all to myself. I've had too many busy days without a restful one.

People have been driving me crazy today, and I work in a place where I see people all day long. And I like people. I've just had enough of them for awhile.

I come off as an extroverted person, but I think I am an introvert who has decent people skills.
Am I an introverted extrovert or a extroverted introvert?

I need my day of rest. I need a jammie day.

I think tomorrow might be a good choice. I need to grocery shop and do some chores, but otherwise, I think my time is my own until 6:00 pm.

In other news.... My friends Rock!

This morning, out of the blue, one of my girlfriends called me at work and told me she was making my family dinner tonight. She said she knew I had been working hard and wanted to do something nice for me.

How awesome is that?


Sarah Louise said...

Wow! That is a nice friend. And I am totally an extroverted introvert. Who (an aside) can't believe it's raining.

Melissa said...

That is the best kind of friend!