Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Just to clarify

I just read a post about plagiarism at The Magpie Files that made me think.

Of course, none of us with any conscience will take word for word what anyone else writes and claim them for their own. That's just stupid.

But there are craft ideas, and blog styles, and pictures out there that I am heavily influenced by. If someone asked me if I've ever plagiarized I would be quick to say no. But maybe I have. I'm not sure I could say my blog has a style, so I think I'm clear there, but I have done some knitting or other crafty stuff. I just assume people figure I probably used a pattern. I'm no designer!

The thai food picture that I used below is not my own. I just googled thai food and hit images and chose the first one that popped up. I didn't even think to look at who it belonged to. Probably some magazine. I'll try to go back and find it. If it had been on your blog, I would have asked first and given you credit. But this time it didn't even occur to me to check.

I always try to link articles and acknowledge fun things I find out there in the blogosphere. But the magpie lady gave me lots more to consider and I'm sure I will be more conscientious in the future.

I only started this blog because I enjoy reading your blogs so much. I didn't think it was fair for me to read all about you and not give a little something back. I'm not here to make a buck (maybe someday on etsy? who knows) or write a book or make some kind of name for myself. I like that blogging lets me meet people I never would otherwise. It's about making the big world a little smaller for me.

So, all this to say, my intentions are honorable. Any little slip ups have been due to thoughtlessness, not intentional meanness.

A lot of the blogs I read have a sameness about them. We are moms and readers and crafters and wives and friends and lovers who are happy or depressed or overwhelmed or content. I'm mostly amazed at all of you. You are awesome! So if a little of you seeps in to what you read here, I hope you know that it is because I like you and I think friends become a little like each other eventually.

Now, I'm off to find that thai food picture! xoxo


alice c said...

Hi Amy,
I'm glad to meet you and I thank you for your thoughtful response. I hope that my words, which were written because the style, format and content of my blog were being copied did not worry you. It is clear to me that your blog is all your own!

Amy A. said...

Thanks, Alice!

Not worried, but felt a little conviction over my thai food picture borrowing! :)

It's good to think of these things from time to time. We are all so unique. People don't recognize their own specialness when they outright copy and that's sad to me.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to know though. We do absorb thoughts, designs, influences from all around us. We may not even realise when we do it.