Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Look how cute I was

I found some old photos that I thought I would share today.

This is my grandpa Ira. He was a little guy, but very manly. Manly enough to live in a pink house. He worked in the paper mills most of his life and played baseball when he was young. He was very good at math.

This is my grandma Virginia. She has the softest skin. She used something with roses in it. She was a very good housekeeper but didn't sing very well. We played a lot of word games and yahtzee and uno.

These were very lovely grandparents to have. I was a very loved baby.
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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Look how cute your Grandma was! And you too. You looked like a happy little baby.

Melissa said...

Look how proud they are! I love pictures like these.

blackbird said...

I love the way your grandmother is holding can feel their love.

Cool glasses on grandpa too!

Beckyb said...

A pink house - I LOVE it - and you were, and still are, a cutie!!

Britta said...

Amy- you were an adoreable baby! Those bits about your grandparents are beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog.