Monday, April 07, 2008

A new dining experience

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We ran into some friends in the Big City and they invited us out to dinner. My husband, who is meat and potatoes and pizza, said that we would love share a meal, but that they would be dealing with a few picky eaters.

We had just fed the kids Icees and pretzels from Sam's club, so I knew they wouldn't starve and if they tried a little everything and didn't use the words 'eww, gross' we promised to get them french fries later.

So we dined on Thai food and everyone survived. I loved it. I have had pad thai and chicken on skewers at street fairs and such, but this time I had salmon with green beans in some sort of yummy sauce and pineapple rice and fish cakes with cucumber and cabbage in a sauce and Jasmine rice. I'm not a huge fan of Indian food with curry, so when they ordered my meal and saw that it had curry in it, I was a little worried, but it was oh, so good.

It was great to spend time with friends, and eat new foods and talk and enjoy each other. Only three family members needed the french fries, but they were good and tried stuff and had their horizons widened.

I was very proud of my husband, who is the second pickiest of the bunch. He did good.


Melissa said...

Yum! Isn't it fun when you have a happy surprise?

*carrie* said...

Mmm, I love Thai food. Is this the place in downtown SC?

Amy A. said...

Yeah, I think on 7th, near where the Salvation Army used to be. In the same building as the Hong Kong Market.

Beckyb said...

Been there - LOVE that restaurant - SO yummy - now you make me want to go back!!!