Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last year at this time...

I am having angst right now about showing my daughter's face on my blog. I haven't ever done that, but some of you do and I can guess that you haven't had any trouble, so I'm going to this once. I can always yank it if I still feel weird about it tomorrow.

We have a family tradition for birthdays. Everyone gets to pick their birthday meal, and everyone usually picks Red Robin. Every now and then, there is a Chuck E. Cheese thrown in, but we can usually count on at least a few trips to our favorite burger place each year.

The picture of us in black is from this time last year. The new picture (me in white) is just a couple days ago.

I've been losing weight this year, and I guess I didn't realize the transformation I've been going through until my daughter pointed these out to me. I've lost over 60 pounds (most of it from my face it seems, yikes!)

When I was younger, I just wanted to lose weight to look better in my clothes. This time around I was battling high blood pressure, borderline depression and I was one cookie away from being diabetic. It was all about getting healthy and staying alive. My dad died at 41 and since I am just a hop, skip and jump away from forty I decided I wanted to be around a little longer than he was.

Still, I sometimes can't get over the physical transformation I've gone through and am still going through. I love it. I feel great now that I don't have to melt myself down and pour myself into clothes that don't fit.

I am so very grateful to my friends who have helped me along this path and the steps that I have learned to become and stay a healthy person. Maybe blogging helped play a small, little part, too. Not that I'm pouring my heart out over here or anything, but I can come here and write a little and share some things about my life. So, thank you, too, friends.

So, I'm in a great mood! I'm feeling hopeful and thankful and ready for life.

Thanks for letting me share this triumph with you.


wilsonian said...

Amy... wow!
I take comfort in this post. I'm at my highest weight, and am wondering what it will take to get my head together enough to take care of this.

If you can... I suppose I can too.

Amy A. said...

You totally can! One day at a time, baby.

sherri said...

Gorgeous--before and after. :) But I'm sure you must feel so much more alive now...if I could simply lose the last 15 that I've had since child one. :)

blackbird said...

You look AMAZING.

carrie said...


You go, girl!

Red Robin is one of my faves, too.

Beckyb said...

I always tell you that you look SO good!!! Now - will you be my cheerleader?!?! :) I need to lose a few myself!

Sarah Louise said...

You do look amazing. And more importantly, it sounds like you feel amazing.

As a person who has never struggled with this, (but I've had my share of struggles) I can see how visual this struggle is. I have a dear friend who has gone through this and like you, she looks amazing now. But again, it is the inside part that means the most.

I feel a post coming on.