Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bathroom before and after

My oldest daughter often complains that she feels like she is living in a baked potato. Brown and beige is the standard in our house. Not because we like it that way, it's just how it is.

I have finally taken charge of the situation! I started small with the bathroom, but colors have been chosen for the living area and the kitchen, too.

I didn't really choose the bathroom color, it sort of chose me. I am a very thrifty, frugal type. I like nice things, but if I can get it cheap, or better yet, free then I'm happy!

I thrifted this new flat bed sheet for $3.00 to turn into the shower curtain, valance and wall hanging. Not sure I like the wall hanging, but something had to go there.

The paint is a mistint that I got for $5.oo. It was extremely nice paint, no splatters or gobs or drips. I think it normally goes for $30.00 gallon. Of course, you can't choose your color for that price, but the color wasn't totally gross, so I got it.

Good bye, ugly palm trees!

It's not my dream bathroom, but it's not potato colored anymore! I think it will be nice for winter and then I will change out all the blue stuff for a pretty springy shower curtain that I got for $2.00 from another thrift store. It was new, too! It's amazing how many people donate never used things.

I purchased a new paint brush, some rollers, and blue tape. My project total probably came to under $35.00. Makes me wonder why I wait so long to make a change.


Karyn said...

Hi Amy, your bathroom turned out really nice! I like the color of the wall with the color of the curtains. Your wall hanging idea is great too! It is amazing how a room can be transformed for not very much money!

blackbird said...

It looks great!
I like the randomness of choosing a color depending on what's on the sale rack...

carrie said...


What a nice facelift. Blue is my favorite color!

Beckyb said...

I LOVE it - you are SO smart!!!!