Monday, November 26, 2007

Ack, it's cookie time again!

This is what I'll be doing for the next couple of days.

I will be making 24 dozen cut outs (six dozen for myself, and three other women are PAYING! me to do theirs).

I love to make cookies, but the amount of cookies I need to make is a little daunting. And here I sit blogging instead of getting busy in the kitchen.

It's a busy week, with work, cookies and I get to be a chaperone for the state drill team championship, in which my oldest daughter is a participant! Can't wait.

But first, cookies!


Amy A. said...

I know my post looks wonky! I tried to fix it a couple of times, but gave up. Thanks for reading anyway! xoxox

carrie said...


Your comment made me laugh! =)

Those cookies look delicious--wow 24 x 12 is a lot of cookies!!

Happy baking, and enjoy your special trip.

Beckyb said...

Oh - so you hire out!?!?! Hmmm - you know my abilities in the kitchen limit me greatly - that news perks my ears right up!!! :)

Karyn said...

WOW - when you do something you do it big! That's a lot of cookies! They look great! Nothing tastes better than a sugar cookie. Have fun!