Sunday, November 04, 2007

knitty girl

Doesn't that look cozy? Fresh washed hair, a big fluffy robe and a new knitting project.

It always makes me happy when one of my children wants to learn to do something that I enjoy. So far they are all avid readers and it looks like I will have one or two knitters.

It's been hitting me lately how fast they are all growing up. We've been so busy, especially now that we have one in high school. I don't want life to pass by too quickly.

I love this stage of life, though. No more diaper bags and car seats. Everyone can peddle their own bike. We can all play the same board games. The only problem now that the younger ones have caught up, is that the older ones always have something else to do.

I'm glad for quiet projects that force us to sit and be together and savor the moments.

Puzzles, yarn and yahtzee! A great recipe for family time and the long winter ahead.


blackbird said...

I only realized, the other day, how nice it is that my children are independent.
Of course, seconds later, I realized that I am constantly trying to keep track of where at least two of them ARE all the time.

carrie said...


That is such a cozy scene--enjoy.

Ah, yes, diaper bags and car seats!