Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Young Bakers

Yesterday there were twelve little girls in my house. We baked. We made a huge mess and had lots of fun. I will, however, be picking dough out of my carpet for some time to come.

Each girl got to cream her own butter, add all her own ingredients and crack her own egg. Some of them cracked their first egg. I was honored!

These girls are in a group that take turns meeting at each other's homes to learn a new craft or skill every month. Last month we dyed our own fabric with fresh flowers and made a fall-ish wall hanging. This month was baking. We are excited to see what the next months bring.

I could tell these girls felt special. It really is amazing to see how much fun a little butter and sugar can be, and how much joy it can produce in a life. Not to mention, real milk chocolate chips. Yum. The most amazing part is that I only ate one cookie! A feat in and of itself.

When everyone had their dough finished, I passed around the secret ingredient. They all vigorously shaked in extra doses of LOVE. You can't bake without it.


blackbird said...

Such I good idea!

what a wonderful thing to have them do something different, learn something new and spend time together...

shanna said...

Yes, I too know the power of kitchen magic! You're making some great memories, Amy. To heck with the carpet!