Friday, November 03, 2006

Shaken and Stirred

Straight Up is the newest offering by one of my favorite contemporary authors, Lisa Samson. Not only does she write good books, she gets the best covers!

This book is written from the perspective of two incredibly talented women, Georgia and Fairly, who are not close, but are tied together through family and circumstance. They are living lives and making choices from fear and grief and stubborness. Their decisions take them places that are scary, stupid and very harmful.

Frankly, their stories scared the hell out of me. I am taking a good, hard look at some of the things I struggle with and wonder if I am taking myself away from what my best life on earth could be.

Although Georgia and Fairly go to some dark places, they are loved through them by a caring uncle, a husband who finally steps up, a gracious woman who feeds them well (be prepared to crave fried chicken!) and an extended group of interesting characters that serve each other with love and kindness, becoming family to one another.

There is a side story that really tugged at my heart. It's the story of a young girl who is either being neglected or having the kind of attention dumped on her that no one wants. Her family can't love her the way they are supposed to, but people are placed in her life who care for her in very fundamental and hands on ways. Again, making me aware that I need to be available for someone who may need me to be that for them.

Lisa's books always feel like they are filled with people I know. People who struggle with the same things my friends struggle with. The characters have conversations that seem so familiar to me. She touches on things that I have a tendency to avoid until they are problems and I am forced to deal with them. Her books make you aware of the world and how important your place in it is.

So, thank you, once again Lisa, for a beautiful, grace-filled book. I loved it.

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wilsonian said...

I agree completely, Amy. A great read that leaves an impact far after the back cover is closed!

shanna said...

yep, yep. scared the hell out of me, too.