Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A cozy day

Yesterday was fabulous.

I got up and did the gym thing, came home and made the kids real hot chocolate on the stove. Whip cream, sprinkles, the works.

Got the kids off to school. I got a ton of chores done in a short amount of time. (Even did the kitchen floor!)

Took my shower, and as I had nowhere to go and a completely blank calendar, I put on fresh pajamas and left the make up off my face. Yummy.

Had lunch with the hubby, watched The Bell's of St. Mary on dvd. I made a homemade pizza for dinner, which wasn't a big hit, but that's okay. Made cut out cookies.

Cleaned up the kitchen. Put away laundry. Brushed my teeth and read in bed until I was ready for sleep.

It was practically perfect and just what I needed.


shanna said...

No doubt. That was a primo day.

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome day. I love never getting out of my jammies, never putting on a bra, never putting on make up. Ahh, nice day indeed!! (We make homemade pizza at least every other week and love it. Try, try again!!)