Monday, November 27, 2006

The voices in my head

I like to read your blogs! It's like a little surprise every morning. (Or afternoon or evening!)

Some of you are like clockwork. A little ray of sunshine with a morning cup of chocolate. (You know who you are. I appreciate your consistency.)

Some of you I have to wait, but mostly it's worth it. I will check in everyday, and take a quick peek at the photo or title, and either groan and say, yay! A new post.

Some of you post several times a day, so if I miss a day or two, I will have eight or nine posts to catch up on and that is fun too.

Each of your blogs sound different in my head. If I have a real life friend who is from your area of the country, then that is what you sound like.

bobbie was easy. She recently posted a talk that she gave in her community, and I think what I made up was pretty close to what I heard. Very full of emotion and care and a desire to really communicate with you.

My Okie blogger sounds like my friend Tammy, who is also an Okie via somewhere else in the South, so she may sound a tad more twangy in my head than she might be in person. Who knows, perhaps we'll see oneday.

All the Northeastern seaboard people pretty much sound the same to me. You are all broads. You are full-throated and a teensy bit nasal-y, dawling. You have a good laugh. All but blackbird who for some reason sounds British-lite to me. Must be because she spells things like crappe and shoppe and colour. She writes with good allocution.

Sarah Louise is a little hip-hop mixed in with the dawling, n'at.

The Aussies all sound like Nicole Kidman. I hope that's a compliment. I like it, anyway. I don't know any Australians in person, so it's the best I got.

Lissa is like a morning DJ. Erin is like a calm and soothing yoga instructor. Kathryn sounds like me, because I'm from where she is, but I know she's not native. Mair sounds like honey, whatever that would sound like.

All you crafty bloggers sound a little home and garden TV-ish. Put together and stylish. The booky blogs are a combination of the northeastern and the quiet, friendly librarian who takes the trouble to pop an altoid to cover her coffee breath. I like her.

Some of you are new to me. You have your voices, but I am just discovering them.

I keep blogging because of you. I'm not as consistent, but I feel like you have invited me into your world so I ought to return the favor. You know, the whole hospitality thing. Of course, you serve me wonderful full course meals and I give you grilled cheese with tomato soup. But that's yummy sometimes, too!

So, thank you for the hour or so that I spend with you everyday. My world has increased because of what you write and show me with your pictures.


Paula said...

I followed a comment you left on my blog and enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Awww--you got me speechless...n'at!

I'm grateful for your voice too. It is a fun little quasi community we sort of have going here...

and my vw starts with "voz" which is Spanish for voice, and ends with nzt which I spose could be n'at: so voices, n'at...

shanna said...

hey! grilled cheese is my favorite!!

and you've got that hip, northeastern voice going: direct and funny, and notices all the right details. and as everyone knows, the details make the difference. :-)

Triathamom said...

Amy -- this post makes me miss blogging. I really haven't missed it until now. I felt guilty for not doing it -- why, I don't know...I guess because I said that I was going to & then just stopped. I've had ALOT going on in my life since August and haven't really known how to go about blogging it...or even if I me & I'll share with you. Maybe you can give me a nudge in getting started again. I, too, LOVE reading blogs!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'll take grilled cheese any day of the week! I love it!! But I eat it with a bit of grape jelly on top (after it's grilled). Guess that probably says something about me, huh?

I love reading blogs, too, and really feel as though I've gotten to know some very cool people through the internet! I'll be back!

wilsonian said...

This is fabulous :)
You have a much broader mind than I have... because I assume everyone will sound like me lol! Is that self-centered, or what. When I heard Bobbie's voice I was shocked by her accent...

Oh my.