Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our Instruments

It's Show and Tell Thursday, so here are my musical instruments. Some of which are not actually used to create any music, but to hold various odds and ends of a boy's life. I think that is a Santa hat on the floor. Time for a mommy overhaul in that room, I think.

This keyboard belongs to the number one girl. She likes the Seahawks. She is good and uses her instrument regularly. She sings along with her playing and makes me very happy.

The guitar and the piano belong to me. The guitar gets more use. I use it to make up songs for my kids that make them blush with glee as their names are immortalized forever. Or for as long as the song lasts.

The piano has not had it's fall makeover yet and it's summer do is looking a little sad. I did find some painted pumpkins to quick put on there, but they will not be staying. I have gourds and leaves in mind. Our cat also likes that piano so we tied a little toy on the knob for her to bat around. Classy!

Below is a little 1/2 sized violin that my 3rd grader is learning on. It is only a rental as she will most likely outgrow it by the end of this year and need a 3/4 size. We will purchase a 4/4 when her arms are long enough. She is so adorable and I wish she was home so I could snap a photo of her holding. Her posture and technique are something to behold. {{{Beaming!}}} She has a little alarm clock on the handle to help her to remember to be on time for her lesson, provided during Social Studies time, every fifth day, at her school.

We also have three trombones in their cases that are not pictured. One from hubby's high school and college days. (He had a partial scholarship!) And two purchased for middle school band that have been soundly rejected. Thus, the violin rental.

Also not shown are various and sundry items, such as recorders, kazoos and other noise makers.

Wow, I didn't realize how musical we were. Thanks, Suse!


Anonymous said...

wow -
that's a lot of instruments!

Sarah Louise said...

Until I move from the third floor walkup with no room for more books, a piano won't be an option. But when I move (who knows when?) I'm getting one, pronto!! I mean, I think it's a required piece of furniture, where else do you put the family photos?