Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nuthin' much

Random thoughts and sights...

I saw the UPS guy and the Fed-Ex guy eating lunch together in a restaurant yesterday.

I love clean sheet day!! If I weren't so lazy, everyday would be clean sheet day.

The new Apple scented air freshener from Febreeze is very nice and autumny.

My 3rd grade daughter is singing full blast with head phones on and doesn't realize how very adorable she is just now.

My piano bench is dusty. I will take care of that in just a bit.

I walked on the treadmill for 68 minutes today. A Cary Grant movie was on, but I don 't know how it ends because I had to move on.

I found a dress for my daughter to wear to 'Knights and Ladies' day at school. It is black and filmy with an gold band under the bodice that looks positively medieval. $4.97 on the bargain rack! We rolled her hair in curls and she looked very beautiful.

The fan in my bathroom needs to be fixed.

I need to mop.

I am proscrastinating the mopping and the dusting and the....

I have kept a to-do list all week, and has made my days go much better. I will continue the trend.

We are having friends to dinner tomorrow.

This concludes the putting off of chores. Have a wonderful day!

UPDATED: I have mopped and vacuumed and made corn muffins. My house is delicious and cozy and warm. What a happy feeling.

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Anne/kq said...

"Knights and Ladies Day" sounds awesome! I want to go to Knights and Ladies day!