Thursday, October 05, 2006

Knitting 101

Here is my first completed project from my class. A bufonda and a gorra de lana. Not sure if I spelled that right, but that's scarf and hat in Spanish.

Here is my little sweetums modeling for me. I hope she doesn't lose the set on the playground. The scarf is wrapped twice so it's longer than it looks. The hat only took an afternoon. I was so pleasantly surprised.

Next up, Irish wrist warmers and then maybe something a little more challenging or at least larger. One lady has finished a whole sweater and is at least half way finished on a second.

Even though I don't understand everything said, I am at least getting some of the gist of the conversation before it is translated into English. Regardless of language, this is a comfortable place to spend a couple of hours on a Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely ♥ that hat and scarf set! I have no idea how to knit, but I crochet, and I wish I could do something like that! Beautiful!

Amy A. said...

You totally can! It's very easy. Just get someone who lives by you to give you a quick lesson. Nothing to be intimidated by!