Friday, October 13, 2006

I've got a brand new bag

A while back I discovered a blog called Biscotti Togs, written by Erin. The day I found her she had the cutest, little messenger bag posted and I wanted it. I wrote right away, but it had already been snatched up.

Erin said not to worry. She would whip another one right up. Not only that, but I made some requests about pockets and size, and she said I could have whatever I wanted. So, a custom bag was born. She even found a zipper that matched this crazy orangey-red fabric. I love it! Pretty shiny.

I told Erin my bag had to be able to fit my Steno, a water, my camera, wallet and all those items I have to carry around for kids. Right now it even has two library books in it. It is so roomy. I want to move in.
It is so warm looking and fall-ish. I've gotten complements already, and it's only been in use for a few hours.

So, if you need a brand new, custom bag, pop on over to Erin's shop. Visit her blog archives to see all the cool things she has made. She will even tell you the story behind the vintage or unique fabric from which your bag is made.
Thank you so much, Erin. You are a gem and I'm glad you are my new bloggy friend.


wilsonian said...


Thank you for your support :) And I'm glad you're my new bloggy friend too... bag or not!

shanna said...

I can hear James Brown now.
May bug Erin for my own tote. Don't have time to make mine, and I hate my current purse.


and thanks for your well wishes for my health. i'm slowly improving.