Monday, July 14, 2008

Violin recitals...

make my teeth hurt.

But I've got to say, my little sprite is improving with leaps and bounds.

The recital was in the long term care unit for the elderly. I told my daughter that after the recital we would take a little time to greet the residents and thank them for coming to listen to all the students. She wasn't quite sure what to do at first. It is a little uncomfortable in some of these homes. We just started going from one person to the next and introduced ourselves and thanked them for coming.

Pretty soon, as I was looking down the line, I could see the people start to sit up a little straighter, and watch with anticipation until it was their turn to be greeted by one of the children.

I was really proud that my little one could have a part in making someone's day a little brighter. I'm sure they didn't mind the screeches one bit.
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Mr.Brian said...

I was off that day but heard it was great.The residents LOVE to visit and even more when it is a younger child.
It means so much to them to have peple come and talk to them.We can learn so much by taking the time to chat with them.
I want to thank you two also, I know it brightened their day!
I was told of one of the residents who taught violin was so happy,and that is good because of her state of mind she does not respond much.
Tell your daughter she made a differance.

wilsonian said...

Oh my goodness... this makes me cry.