Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today, lunch was all about me

A few friends took me out to a very sweet lunch today. We went to a little tea room that I didn't even know was there. I felt very lady-like and special.

The chicken salad was de-lish. The peach-apricot tea was refreshing. The company was divine!

I will miss my friends. Thank you for the day out, girls!
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Kraxpelax said...

Hopefully my art will be of interest too.
Entirely uncommercial.
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- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

*carrie* said...

Hey, Amy. I'm curious if that's the place in RV because I've been wanting to go there.

E stopped by for the shovel--maybe he can get it tomorrow. And we'll be there Thurs!

Lady in Waiting said...

Gonna miss you - you are such a spot of light!!!

Oh - email me the pic sometime - I will save it to remember you - or use as blackmail!

Amy A. said...


This place was in the ice cream capital! Very nice and fun. You should definitely try it out.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How sweet is that! I am loving that tearoom!