Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Possible changes afoot

Well, we are putting the house up for sale.

If it sells, we will move, closer to home. If it doesn't we will stay.

But in the meantime, I am cleaning like a mad woman. I'm finding stuff that hasn't been touched since we put it it here three years ago. My garage sale pile is steadily growing and the house is looking more and more organized.

The realtor came yesterday and pointed out some more things that I need to do. It needs to be ready to show by Thursday. Talk about a time crunch.

I only have two more bedrooms to do, but then I need to go back around and clear off counters and make closets looks roomy and spacious. I need to remove any 'lived in' quality our house has, and believe me, this house is lived in.

I'm having a lot of feelings, but can't really express them. Which is why I've gained a little weight. But I'm nipping that in the bud right now. I'll just try to roll with the stress train and try to pray a little more.

Then, when everything is orderly and ready to go, I'll come back and show you some pictures. We had a major fire in town and I got some pictures of the fire fighting. For a small town, we have an awesome fire department. It was really quite amazing. But very sad. We lost a few good businesses here. A Curves fitness center, a high end dress store and the one of the nicest Hallmark Stores I've ever been in.

Okay, I'm off to wade through the piles my children call bedrooms. TTFN.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You sound very mixed about the whole business. I'm sorry. I hope it all works out.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Sending you good House Selling vibes. That whole part about making the house look like a show model made me crazy. We had teenagers living there! At least it forced my daughter to keep her room clean

wilsonian said...

Wow... that would mean big changes.
I don't think I could keep my place clean long enough... lol!

Sue said...

no no no! Shall I be the one to pray that your house doesn't sell? That sounds so mean, when what i really want is God's best for you but selfishly, we (I) absolutely positively hate the thought of you leaving.

Mr.Brian said...

Not sure if I should wish you luck or not,guess we will leave it up to a higher power.

*carrie* said...


Would be sad to see you leave, but I know it's hard to live far from family.

Sorry I'll miss your garage sale!

Wasn't the fire tragic? We were actually some of the first people on the scene, walking to the 6:00 service.