Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kathryn from Daring Young Mom is the person I most wish would write a book. Just from reading her blog you can tell that she would be perfect for a chick lit book. She is funny and she has a writers way of looking at things. She even has her own line of t-shirts and could easily go from daring young mom to daring young author. :) She's also a Washingtonian, like me, so it's practically inevitable that I would like her. She is also a very consistent blogger. There is usually something new to read when I pop over there. Why don't you take a trip on over and check it out.

Coming up on Monday there will be a review of Brenda Coulter's new book, A Family Forever,
I will have those links up so you can read a sample chapter and order the book for yourself. Brenda is another one of those consistent bloggers that always has something fun to read. On her website she shares about her publishing experience and she is always running some kind of contest. Fun, fun, fun.

Also, so excited!!! Lori Copeland's last Men of the Saddle series book came out. I will have some fun reading to do this week.

Have a super weekend.