Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend Observations

Two days of non-stop candy eating will make one very puffy, indeed.

There is an addictive quality to candy that I don't understand. After the first couple of little bars they don't even taste good anymore. However, if they are there, I will continue to eat them. This means that all candy will leave our house today. Either by means of consumption (not by me, for heaven's sake) or by the garbage bin. We cannot have it in the house anymore.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Window Cleaner DOES NOT WORK. It is streaky and leaves a haze on whatever it is sprayed on. Don't like it.

I like going to church. But, I don't like going to a church where I don't know anyone. However, in order to find a church you have to church hunt and attend places where no one knows you. Don't like it. I look forward to finding a church home soon.

If you work out of the home all week, and then take off Saturday from actually working in your home, Sunday is no longer a day to look forward to.
One can never take a day off of laundry. It's just a fact of life.
I like having pajama day. Get up, take a walk, come home to shower and then put pajamas right back on. Very cozy.
I might do the pajama thing again today, after church (where we don't know anyone). But I will keep the laundry going while lounging. :)
Throwing away the carved, rotting, pumpkins is an icky job.
It's a new month! Welcome, November.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Thanks for the head's up on the window cleaner--I'd never tried it and now I won't.
Shopping for a church home is the WORST thing about moving. Finding that right fit is a real bugger. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


historygirlie said...

I agree about the candy-bloat and the icky pumpkins. I got home from work this afternoon and saw that my jack-o-lanterns caved in today.....ick ick ick

Ewokgirl said...

Oh, I well remember the church hunt. The one we wound up joining was the one where people actually talked to us and invited us out to lunch after the service.

Note to self: Remember that, and be nice, friendly, and extend invitations to visitors!

Cute pumpkins! And I hear ya on the candy. I had to toss some Sugar Babies because they kept calling my name. I'm too weak to resist.