Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Excuse me while I brag a bit

Today was an awards ceremony at the elementary school.

My girls have done me proud.

My youngest daughter scared me when I first sent her to school in Kindergarten. She was a lover, but she was often contrary and bossy and her first instinct was to growl rather than smile.

So, it is with pleasure and joy that I tell you, only three short years later, that she was given an award for creativity, good behavior and perfect attendance.

My next daughter never gave me a moment's doubt about her ability in school, but I did have moments of concern about her nature to be so task oriented. She was always friendly and easy-going but she would spend hours on work that would take another kid 30 minutes to complete. And it showed. Her work is often superior because she is a hard worker and she is just naturally academically inclined.

It did not surprise me one bit that she brought home an academic award today for getting straight A's this first quarter.

But even better, she came home with the Compassion award, for being sensitive and showing love for others.

My heart is overflowing.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh! COngratulations! That would make me so proud, too--much better than attendance or honor roll. What a tribute to your parenting, too:)

Sue said...

awesomely well worth bragging about! Your kids are amazing.

blackbird said...

Well done!