Friday, June 30, 2006

These are some of the neat places we have in our town.

Someone spent a huge amount of time on this mural. It's great. My kids pretend to enter the arches and open the doors.

Right next door to the mural is the best Chinese food place ever. It's my favorite Almond Chicken of all time. You can split a meal three ways and still feel pretty full, but it's better to just split it halfsies. It does need a little cosmetic work, though.

The picture with the tables is like a secret garden. You have to squeeze between two buildings to get there and I don't think anyone ever uses it. Maybe at festival times, but someone keeps it up. I would love to cover the place in candles and take hubby for a romantic, moon and candle light dinner.

The Coffee Mill has really great chicken salad with bits of pineapple in it. It's also owned by my friend, so I like to go there to support her business. She has the gift of hospitality and a great sense of color and a head for decorating. Her cafe is a great place to sit and relax. This year my friends and I went there for the first day of school and we all met again for the last day of school. The beginning of a new tradition!

And finally, have you ever seen a better example of the All-American home? I love this house. It's much bigger than it looks and has fabulous landscaping. It also has an unattached three car garage that looks like a bungalo. Very pretty and peaceful looking, isnt' it? Looks like a place a character from a book would live.


Camy Tang said...

Great pictures!

Thanks for entering my Story Sensei contest. Can you e-mail me and I'll send you your 10% off coupon.


shanna said...

Wow! You obviously have some Dutch history in that town. Cool idea, Amy. I think I'll have to come up with some town pics of my own.