Monday, June 26, 2006

The prodigal dogs

We have naughty dogs.

Buddy and Scout need a lot of exercise and they like to run, but alas, we have a small yard and my top speed is a quick walk, so they don't get what they want unless they escape. If Scout, the yellow, girl dog, escapes, she will come back because she doesn't want to do anything unless Buddy, her brother, goes with her. Buddy doesn't care, if he gets out, he's gone.

Sunday, they both got out and were gone for hours. Finally, we stopped searching and left home ourselves. When we pulled in hours later, there they were, patiently waiting and exhausted. They probably thought we weren't coming back.

I'm happy they were home instead of doggie jail, which costs $15 each if we have to bail them out, which we have done before. The lady said we had to pay a fine because of the leash law. I tried to get out of it because, technically, they were leashed. They had escaped with leashes sailing behind them, which is how they were caught in the first place. The pound lady didn't buy it, so we had to fork over the dough. Our dogs never learn their lesson. They are sorry for a while, but they have a high rate of recidivism.

Isn't recidivism a great word? I learned that from "Raising Arizona" many years ago and try to work it into conversation whenever I can. :)

We are happy to have our naughty but loveable dogs back, even if they go give us grief.


rpm said...

They are so beautiful...I'm glad they came back home for you. I know they all love adventure...but the worry it causes their parents is terrible.

Delia said...

Beautiful dogs! That's so cute about Scout not wanting to do anything without Buddy! Too sweet!

Camy Tang said...

You poor thing with your recidivous dogs! (Did I use the word correctly? LOL)

We have a dog who will also take off at the slightest chance. Stupid mutt.

I think you should have gotten off with the leash law thing, because you're right, they did have their leashes on them!