Thursday, June 15, 2006

A respresentation of my organization skills

Piles, piles everywhere! Fortunately, show and tell is limited to hats... Here they are.

This is a pile of my girls hats, thrown up on a shelf.

A hat used for decoration in my laundry room. I do sometimes wear it when I am feeling springy and girlish.

More hats used for decoration. Son played little league and was a Yankee for three years running. We string all his caps across the top of his room.

Another big pile of hats thrown on top of hubbies closet.

My summer resolution? Clean out closets. Thank you very much.


Cee said...

Wow, so many hats, I love them all!

Last week I cleaned out every closet in the house. I took bags and bags of stuff to the salvation army, not to mention the bags of junk I threw out. The hard work was worth it, it feels good to have fresh closets.

blackbird said...

I love the clothesline of them in your son's room - such a good idea...

Paula said...

I'd say were about even on the over hattie-ness of our homes;)

MsCellania said...

That clothesline is brilliant. I see one, possibly two, in our futures.

Thanks for visiting me today!