Monday, May 22, 2006

What is this?

We had a fair come to our town. I hate traveling amusement rides. They are dirty and rickety and just not quite right.

Pictured is the engine to one of these not quite right rides. I didn't get the picture of the guy holding a lit cigarette over said engine. Is that an ace bandage holding the handle together? The crazy thing is, I actually let my children ride these things. (After I prayed over them!) Crazier still, I actually got on the Ferris Wheel!

I did draw the line at letting the kids on the swing ride. The ride worker had to leave one seat empty so that when the ride slowed down, he could grab the swing to drag the ride to a complete stop.

I wonder if those guys get danger pay. I guess if you eat enough funnel cakes, you are ready for anything.

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shanna said...

Ok. That's just incredibly scary. You are one faith-filled mom!