Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Is there anything more beautiful than...

a freshly cleaned carpet?
an empty laundry room?
kids jumping in the pool?
barbecued chicken?
having all the windows open?
your son telling you "I love you" at baseball practice? (In front of other kids, no less!)
hawaiian shave ice?
bare feet?
a peaceful afternoon?
watching the kitty play in a sunbeam?
just sitting there?
clean sheet day? YUMMY!
a good talk?
the smell of cut grass?
an answered prayer?
lemonade made from real lemons?
the seeds you planted weeks ago start to sprout?
hugs from little arms?
hugs from big, teenagery arms?
just a little, tiny bit of sun on cheeks and shoulders?
smiles from strangers?
a really good book?

Oh, the list goes on and on. But I'll spare you my mundane navel gazing
and let you think about your own beautiful stuff.


Triathamom said...

How about
a freshly vaccuumed/washed mini-van?

Amy A. said...

Oh Yeah! Totally!! With a vanillaroma thingy hanging on the mirror!

shanna said...

That reminds me...

1. a shop-vac that works

Got a sucky job to do today! hee hee