Thursday, May 25, 2006

School's Out!!!

School is out, school is out, and did I say... School is out? Yummy! No more getting kids up and fed and dressed and combed. Until swimming lessons start, but hey, we have a week or two before that happens.

And I am off work for the summer. More deliciousness! I plan to get my laundry done, sit on my porch and read, take the kids to the pool, get my closets organized, be a totally available mom, and probably do more laundry. The best part of summer laundry? NO SOCKS!!! It's flip flops or nothing. I'm to the point of throwing away everyones socks and buying new ones in fall. I don't think I can match another pair.

All together, one more time... School is out!!


Delia said...

Lol, it's the same way here! I hate matching socks, so in the summer, it's flip-flops, sandals, or nothing at all!

Triathamom said...

Amen! to the No Socks! Summer laundry is my favorite laundry (if you can have a favorite laundry)! :)