Saturday, May 13, 2006

A special day

Happy Mother's Day! And happy birthday, honey!

Every now and then my hubby's birthday falls on mother's day and my son's birthday falls on father's day. Double the fun!

We are celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese's because we figure most moms won't choose to go there so we should be able to get a table. We have discovered that Chuck E. Cheese's is surprisingly empty on major holidays, especially on Independence Day. Go figure.

I am so blessed to be the mom of four of the greatest people I know. We all get along pretty well, love each other, tolerate quirks (for the most part) and in general, are an all around super family.

I like being a mom. I like bedtime hugs. I like the smell of apple juice, graham cracker, play-dough fingers. I like adventures with my kids. I like helping to pick out hair-do's and make-up and library books. I pretty much like it all. It is a pleasure to mother my children and I'm glad they like me.

So, I guess this is a big happy mother's day to me! And happy mom's day to you, too.

1 comment:

bobbie said...

you're a great mom! you know that the "E" stands for empty your pockets don't you? :)

my kids LOVE that place - unfortunately here in the maritimes they don't exist.