Monday, February 01, 2010

Spring needs to arrive

I'm bored of my winter clothes.

My boots seem heavy, my tights feel too close to my skin and my sweaters are peely.

I've also been lifting weights and my arms are ready to see the light of day, and they need a little sun-kissed tint to be happy.

My hair needs to be redder, my shoulders need to be tan and my toes need to peep out.

I want to eat lunch out of doors, preferably at a waterside cafe on the patio with sunglasses on.

Picnics would be fine, but I hate to pack food so it would have to be a catered affair for me too feel totally sublime about it.

I want to feel a balmy breeze at about 6:12-ish in the the evening. I want open windows to smell that greenish, lemony aroma of spring that my area boasts.

Iced coffee over hot. Smoothies over tea. Fresh veggies instead of frozen.

I'm ready to spring clean. I don't know when I'll do that, but it must be done.

Is this the equivalent of having too early of a Christmas Spirit peak? What is Spring Spirit called?

Whatever it is. I have it.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I got the new Lands End catalog--and like you, I need fresh clothes--spring clothes--bright light cardigans and fresh white tops and NO more clunky boots and chunky sweaters.

Amy A. said...

Amen, sister.