Friday, February 12, 2010


Last night I cut my own bangs. I kept the shears vertical, as I learned on youtube and I think I did an okay job. A little short, but still swoopy to the side. I may be booking an appointment to the salon if I botched it. I never can tell the first day or two.

My mom is coming on the train this weekend and we will see a play and shop. I believe I will be receiving new unmentionables, courtesy of mum. How nice.

I have delivered Valentines to all of my co-workers. I used the cards from here. (Scroll down the the appropriate post).

I have booked a facial party and now I am going to cancel it. I always feel so pressured by these party businesses to have an event. But I really don't want one and I never earn the hostess gift, anyway. I just can't say no when I am sitting there trying their products.

I am in a play without singing before I get to be the the Musical of My Dreams. I am in Harvey. I have a wonderful little part and I get to use my 1940's speech pattern and it's simply mah-velous. Devine. En-chaunt-ing. :)

The best part about being in theater is the costumes. I still love to play dress up.

Happy Valentines, my bloggy friends. I simply adore you.


blackbird said...

Happy Valentine's to you too, dear!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What fun to be in Harvey! And new unmentionables! And bangs!
Those home parties just freak me out--I bagged several times on a Mary Kay lady. And then it turns out I'm horribly allergic to their products so it was a good call.