Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is a test

I'm having trouble with my Survivor Video, so I had to make another one and now I don't know if that one worked, so I'm downloading it here to see if it works. It can only be a minute and mine is right dorky, but hopefully it will catch their attention!

Here goes!

This is to win an audition in LA. If it is one of the top ten, then people can vote on to choose the audition winner. Let's hope I make the top ten!

Here's the link if you can't see it on this post


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I couldn't watch it:(

Amy A. said...

Shoot! I did get put on the website, though, and it works there. Yay!

Erin Wilson said...

lol... :) You're so fun!

Kaylen said...

This is too cute!! Good luck!!!