Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Setting the record straight

Somebody googled "Smelly Laundry" and my blog popped up. How funny is that?

Just for the record, my laundry smells like lavender and vanilla. Yum.

I've been packing like a maniac today. Tonight my girlfriends, otherwise known as the 'Hot Mama's', come over to scrub and pack up my kitchen. I pity the friend who has to do the kids bathroom. There's a lot of scum up there, let me tell ya.

For some reason, when I know I'm going to move, all cleaning maintenance goes out the window and we live in squallor until we empty out the place, and then I make my friends come over and shiny everything up for the new people.

I've decided all the socks are going to the rag bin and we will get new when we get there. Everyone will get seven pairs of socks and they will all have different color toes. That way I know who to yell (and by yell, I mean lovingly teach. ha) at when I have to pick them up off the floor.

But before the cleaning, we get a couples date with friends at the nice restaurant in town. Isn't is sad that I can call it THE nice restaurant and the locals will know which one I'm talking about? I think our new town will actually have THREE nice restaurants! And, if we take a ferry ride, there will be a million-bazillion restaurants to choose from.

Now, I'm hitting the showers to pretty up for my date. TTFN, folks.


*carrie* said...

Definitely know which restaurant you mean. =)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy night out!
Sounds like you've made some lovely friends there.