Monday, August 04, 2008


I will stop buying new lotion before the old lotion is used up.

I will stop buying cheap clothing that lasts two washes.

I will consider carefully the things that I buy. I have thrown out way too much stuff that I didn't really like and didn't really need.

I will not hold on to things for too long that are worn out or never used. Better to let someone else have them than to keep them just because they cost me money.

I will not buy books unless I know I will refer to them regularly or read them over and over.

I will consider carefully to gifts I give people. Are they meaningful? Are they useful? Am I contributing to their stuff problem?

I will not be ruled by my stuff. I will conquer and live free!!!

I resolve to find a solution to my laundry situation. Yikes!

Okay, that is the end of that!

Green News: Day three of the baking soda/vinegar hair wash. Still light and fluffy. Not really caring for the smell during the rinse process, but it doesn't stay smelly so I won't give up yet. Maybe I'll learn to like it.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow--your resolutions ROCK!!! Can I reprint these on Eco Women? Seriously. I am so impressed by them.

About 4 years ago we started giving more "experiences" and "usable" things for gifts--play tickets, candles, good tea--instead of "stuff" as gifts. Bulbs (for planting), family trips and restaurant gift certificates have all been a huge hit.

Amy A. said...

Sure! Go ahead and copy away. I love that I might be an EcoWoman!