Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a post

No pics yet. I have some, but I can't seem to get it together to actually download them.

But here is some news.

I am job hunting. One of the more unpleasant things I endure. All the resume bringing and online applications and getting two letters of reference and asking to speak with managers and then the waiting. Why don't they call? Should I call them? What's wrong with my resume? Did I forget to put on my phone number... and, and. and.

When I am working at a place and someone comes in to ask for an application I am SO nice to them. I know what it's like to be them and I know it's no fun. I'm also super nice to whoever the new employee is, because being new is one of the other unpleasant things I endure. I hate being new.

But it does lead to a paycheck and I really like those.

Other news: My older two kids have started soccer, which means they have already met some of the kids they will be in class with. I am hoping this will lead to a nice and easy transition into a new high school.

My younger two can't wait for school to start. They are tired of each other and are ready for some socialization with other kids.

I am getting used to our new environment. I love being back in the northwest, but miss my friends. I think our family is going to do nicely here, though, so I am at peace.

Hubby starts his new job on Tuesday, kids on Wednesday and then I am going to finish unpacking and settling the house.

Also, I am going back on my good eating plan. All this eating out and grabbing bites and not being able to cook and having no furniture to eat on is coming to an end. We now have a fridge and propane to work the stove. I've used it all as an excuse to eat whatever I want and it is showing. My face looks like a teenagers, and not in a good way. I'm broken out all over the place. My rear looks like a grandma's and that's no good either.

And, I'm going to be 40 in 4 months. I want to bring in a new decade feeling strong and energetic and looking good.

Okay, so that was one long ramble, but I've been too long away from my blog. This pretty much sums it all up and now we can get back to regular programming.


*carrie* said...


Thanks for checking in--I've been thinking of you! Hope the job search is quick and smooth, and that you'll feel settled in your house very soon.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck! Sounds like you've accomplished a lot in a short time. I'd follow up with phone calls on those jobs. Seriously. I think that's how a lot of places separate the serious applicants from the not-so-serious. I'm keeping you in my prayers.