Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things I know about Vicks

Vicks feels better on the chest if you lay a heated wash cloth over it.

You should always take your contacts out first before using Vicks. It can sting up to four hours later, no matter how much you wash your hands.

I don't know who started this lie, but slathering Vicks on your feet and sleeping in socks does not magically make a cough go away. It's just gross.

Children will do almost anything to avoid being rubbed down with Vicks. I never show them the jar. I just goop some on a finger a hide it behind my back and then accost them with it. Of course, as soon as I lay that warm cloth on them, they are thanking me.

Vicks stains everything.

Using Vicks is not very happy-making. It means that sickness is abroad.


sherri said...

Being allergy-ridden, Vicks is my friend. I use it almost every night, but not in large quantities. A dab under my nose and I'm good to go... :)

You're right, though, I don't understand putting it on the feet at all. I have yet to get toe congestion that couldn't be solved with a good bath.

blackbird said...

Can you even BUY Vicks anymore?
I haven't seen it in so long...

Amy A. said...

I don't know. I have a habit of calling anything mentholated 'Vicks'. I'll have to check the label.