Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My fabulous, smart, wonderful, creative husband has rescued all of our photos!

Just in the nick of time too. The computer is on a slow crash, but crash it will at any moment. He's going to wipe the hard drive and we will start again. It's an old thing, and I wouldn't mind a new computer, but, ya know... Money doesn't grow on trees.

Last night we began practice for our local production of Sound of Music. I am in the role of Sister Margaretta. I can't wait to wear a habit. My youngest daughter was one of seven children out of 152 to be chosen to play one of the Von Trapp children.

My two youngest girls are close in size. Actually, my second grader looks older than my fourth grader, which meant they were up for the same part. So sad. To be so happy for one and so heart broken for the other. Ah, well. Life isn't fair, is it?

Off to work! I've been doing lots of crafty/knitty stuff that I'll show you soon. Some with success, some without, but it's all good practice.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

The Sound Of Music!! One of my favorites. I learned to play the songs on the piano. When I was a little girl, the daughter of one of my neighbors married one of the VonTrapp grandsons.

My best friend is taking her niece to Austria and Salzburg in May. They are going to do the tour of all the places in the story.

Have a great time doing the play!

*carrie* said...


That's so fun that you're in Sound of Music. I'll be there!