Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The computer is not quite back to being fully loaded, so I don't have any of my own pictures to share.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite things, though. To tide us over.

Have you used this stuff? It's fabulous. Especially when you live in a place where winter will never, ever end and you are destined to be cold and flaky for all of eternity.
My favorite lip balm is actually called 'My Favorite Lip Balm'. Worth every penny. I keep it on my night stand and use it every night before bed. Also great for the forever winter environment in which I am now dwelling.

I have just a slight lip balm addiction and usually have some sort of lip product in every room. I keep one next to my knitting (lip smacker) One in my purse (aquafina) one in a drawer at work (blistex silk and shine) along with many, many others.

This is the only medium cheddar cheese we like. Yummy! Nice and hard and very easy to grate.

In other news... I am learning a latin chant for my part in the Sound of Music. Very challenging. And I also have discovered I get to sing one of my favorite lines... 'I would like to say a word in her behalf, Maria, makes me laugh'. Makes me very happy.

Hopefully we are coming to the end of the revolving sicknesses around here. We have not all been at 100% for some time.

TTFN, friends!


Sue said...

you have a fun pile. You seem to be right, too, unfortunately, about our eternal winter. What you need is a trip to some warm clime! Then you need favorite sunscreen products.

Beckyb said...

Ok, so where can we find the My Favorite Lipbalm???? Looks good!!!

blackbird said...

Do you remember Jergens lotion from the old days? It had a wonderful scent.
I'm drying up too...Nivea in every room.