Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ten things I like about working in the library

In random order...

1. Covering brand new books. It's like wrapping Christmas gifts everyday.

2. The people who visit libraries tend to really want to be there, so they are pleasant. Very few grumps at the library. Lots of book lovers and recommendations and trading information going on. Love it.

3. I get to use lots of tape! I love using tape.

4. My co-workers smile when they see me. They seem to like the library, too.

5. Helping people find what they need is fun. It's like a little mini-treasure hunt. I'm considering becoming a research librarian.

6. Shelving is not so bad. I thought it would be boring, but everyone chips in and it goes pretty fast. Many hands make light work.

7. I learn something new everyday.

8. There is never any dead time. Always something to do.

9. I get to take home a lot of cool books and use them first! (I have a big long story about when we used to live in a place with an older library I never brought a book home without a booger in it. Isn't that totally gross? Ick, my stomach is rolling just thinking about it. Now, my reading is virtually booger-free).

10. My kids use the library often, so I get to see them when I'm at work.


Beckyb said...

Big AMEN coming from over here!!! And why do we smile when we see you?!?! Cuz you're so much fun to work with!!!

blackbird said...

Oh! I love all those things too -
I need to work at a library...